Israeli teachers from Haifa in the PKC

Organised by SCORA and Mrs. Claudia Rugart, a group of Israeli and Arab teachers with their director Mendi Rabinowitz from the Hebrew Reali School of Haifa came to the PKC. They met an exchange group of Max-Eyth-Schule Stuttgart in the morning, had a visit of the synagogue (and a short juggling lesson) after their lunch break and then discussed with German teachers of the region.

Mrs. Rugart introducing the meeting in the morning.

The main part of the meetings were the meetings of the Arab-Israeli teacher tandems with the German pupils (in the morning) and the German teachers (in the afternoon). The texts in our guest book and the conclusions at the end of the day were very positive: Israeli teachers said it was new for them to have discussions for example about Jewish settlements in the occupied territories and that they also could ask questions to the Germans. For them, it was healthy to speak about their inner feelings of fear, because in Israel and in war times, they have to function and cannot discuss these topics.

Intensive discussion of the Arab-Israeli teacher tandems with German pupils…

For the German pupils and teachers it was really great to get news, personal contacts and direct insights – this was felt as so much better than messages via Internet. Toda raba, Danke and thank you all for gathering „in persona“ here in Freudental!

Conclusion in the former synagogue!