Israeli visit in the PKC

Mendi Rabinowitz, school director in Haifa, discussed about life in war times with the exchange group of Max Eyth school Stuttgart.

In only two hours of time, the group experienced a moment of confrontation with the hard reality of actual Israeli way of life. (Normally they would have been in Israel this year but their exchange was cancelled due to the war.) Accompanied by Claudia Rugart, director of the regional council school department, Mendi Rabinowitz gave meaningful answers to lots of questions and thus deeply impressed the pupils.

The visit of Mendi Rabinowitz in Germany was enabled and sponsored by SCORA (schools opposing racism and antisemitism). Since five years, Claudia Rugart and the large supporting team of SCORA organise new school partnerships between Israel and Germany, an international youth conference in Stuttgart in summer 2024 and many other events against racism. PKC and Max Eyth school as well are longtime members of the SCORA community.

Mendis main topic was „Who the Israelis will be when they arise from the ashes?“ and how Israel could draw inspiration from the German development following World War II. As his two life missions he cited the future of the Israeli youth, the future political arrangement with the Palestinians and the peace building.

Mendi Rabinowitz during the „lunch talk“.

Please find the direct feedback of some participants right here…
Max: „It was a great event. We learned and experienced a lot of new things. We also got a good insight into the conflict and everyday life in Israel.“
Simon: „It was exciting to talk to someone who spoke from his own experiences and brought it across in a very lively way. This made it easier to understand the whole topic of war and then thought about it in a different way.“
Katharina: „I loved the meeting with Mendi and I was happy to hear more about his experiences with the war and about his life in Haifa. It was very exciting and inspired one to deal more with the topic. Mendi was very open and conveyed it how he deals with the current situation in Israel – and he is a very strong-willed person.“
Leonie: „I‘d liked to hear from the war out of the perspective of a person living there. It was very interesting to see how he deals with all the effects and I was impressed by his ambition not to give up.“
Lennic: „I think the trip was very interesting and gave me a good point of view of the current situation in Israel and the feeling the students must have.“

Anne Gsell, school director of Max Eyth school, resumed the meeting like this: „I’m very impressed that Mendi still believes in peace and that he is able to overcome fear and feelings for revenge.“