Israeli political delegation in the PKC

Parting visit of chairman Giora Salz and community managers of the Galil Elion Kibbutzim

On Thursday 22 of June 2023, a political delegation of the Upper Galil visited the PKC. For the first time, the new responsible for international relations Idan Sagi took part in the delegation. After lunch in the well temperated cellar, the Israeli community managers and social workers informed themselves about the educational work and the guesthouse facilities. Head of Office Isolde Kufner showed the rooms and Head of Culture & Pedagogics Michael Volz explained the history of the Jewish community of Freudental.

In 1723, six Jewish families came here to form the first kehillah, later in 1770 this actual synagogue was erected and between 1800 and 1900, the items of the Genizah were collected under the roof. The group visited the exhibition on the women’s balcony and was especially interested in the tora binders (Torawimpel).

Inspite of the heat, we had a short walk through the village to see the building of the Stein family in Schlossstraße 7, because some family members of this former Freudentalers live in Galil Elion. Finally, we arrived in the cemetery and held an intense commemoration moment with very personal testimonials and songs. It’s important to continue life and friendship even after destruction and war to overcome traumatas.

Commemoration moment on the Jewish cemetery (photo by A.D.)

Toda raba, thank you for coming and giving this special respect to the work of the PKC and this worthy moment to the Jewish cemetery in Freudental!